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There are two versions of the "Clicky-Starter Quick fix kit"

"Without Fuse" is on the top and "With Fuse" is just below

The pricing of the two versions?

WIthout Fuse= $24.95

With Fuse= $26.95

This warranty does not cover the fuse.
To order yours today click on the Paypal/add to cart button, below, or Email us for other options.
Personal checks require 10 days to clear, Money orders, or cashiers checks also accepted.

Click here if you have any questions.


If you Buy with Paypal "add to cart" Button below item will ship same the day
shipping for the Item is $5.75

I Accept these types of payment through paypal, payment made to david@clicky-starter.com

Shipping is through:

  • United States Postal Service

  • Fed-Ex

  • Airborne Express

  • UPS

Thank You for choosing www.Clicky-Starter.com


Suzuki Samurai Doorstraps

Go Doorless in 20 seconds or less with the addition of a pair of these!! Just a Quick Click of the Xtreme Duty Doorless connector and they are off. These will allow door to open just a little further than factory limits.

10.00 per pair


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